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~   jaymur (via perceiving-change)
~   Gabriel García Márquez (via apoetreflects)

Moebius (Jean Giraud)
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Jewel of Nature - Common Crow chrysalis - Euploea core | ©Sivakumar V. K. (India)
The Common Crow, Euploea core (Nymphalidae) is a species of butterfly common in South Asia. It is famous for its pupa, shiny, metallic silvery gold, about two centimetres long. It is usually found hanging from the underside of a leaf of its food plant. The pupa in spite of its appearance is not metallic. The shining effect is the result of of being covered by numerous transparent layers of skin.
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~   Pat Barker, Regeneration (via petrichour)
~   David R. Hawkins (via buddhistwitchery)
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~   Abraham Heschel (via childrenofthetao)

There are many windows throughwhich we can look out into theworld, searching for meaning ……Most of us, when we ponder on themeaning of our existence,peer through but one of thesewindows onto the world.And even that one is often misted overby the breath of our finite humanity.We clear a tiny peephole and stare through.No wonder we are confused by thetiny fraction of a whole that we see.It is, after all, like trying tocomprehend the panorama of thedesert or the sea througha rolled-up newspaper.—Jane Goodall, Primatologist/Anthropologist (1924- ).Check out our winter issue for “Unburdened by Theory” an excerpt from Carol Lee Flinders’ latest book that features Goodall: Enduring Lives: Portraits of Women in Action (Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2013).
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Erimo Cape, from The Solitude of Ravens, 1976, Masahisa Fukase
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the ones who have been to the edge
they’re the ones with a word for you
when you are speaking from the other side of your deathbed, you’re a


"Seven years ago, when I co-curated an exhibition of works by Dionne Simpson, I was also recovering from Hodgkin’s disease. After the exhibition was over, Simpson gave me the most minimal of the works, and my favourite of her deconstructed canvases. Now, this piece hangs in my bedroom, and I wake up to it every morning - a daily reminder of the generosity of the human spirit, and the gems that await you after life’s struggles.”
Patricia Ritacca was photographed in Toronto on May 16th. You can follow her just-launched curatorial collective on Instagram.
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~   Elliot Eisner (via beherenowandzen)
Canvas  by  andbamnan